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‘EMF Explained’ Educational Video Series

About the Series

Want to quick way to learn about Electromagnetic Radiation and EMFs? The EMF Explained video series gives you the low down on everything you need to know.

Topics include: What is EMF?, How to protect from EMFs, 5G, types of cell phone radiation, how children are affected by EMFs, airplane mode, pregnancy, blue light and a host of other topics. Click on any video below to get started!

What is EMF Radiation? – EMF Explained: Ep 1

How to Protect from EMF Radiation – EMF Explained: Ep 2

How DefenderShield Technology Works – EMF Explained: Ep 3

Types of Cell Phone Radiation – EMF Explained: Ep 4

Are Children More Vulnerable to EMF Radiation? – EMF Explained: Ep 5

5 Times to Use Airplane Mode to Reduce EMF Radiation – EMF Explained: Ep 6

Pregnant? This is Why You Need EMF Protection – EMF Explained: Ep 7

What is 5G? – EMF Explained: Ep 8

What is Blue Light? – EMF Explained: Ep 9

Ionizing vs. Non-Ionizing Radiation – EMF Explained: Ep 10

Difference Between Thermal & Biological Effects of Cell Phone Radiation – EMF Explained: Ep 11

Is WiFi a Microwave or Radio Wave Frequency? – EMF Explained: Ep 12

Biological Health Effects of EMF Radiation from Wireless Mobile Devices, WiFi – EMF Explained: Ep 13

Are Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Safe or Dangerous? – EMF Explained: Ep 14

Why WiFi May Be Bad for You & Harmful in Schools – EMF Explained: Ep 15

5 Ways to Reduce EMF Frequencies in Your Home – EMF Explained: Ep 16