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Trusted World Leader in EMF Protection & Safety!

What Makes DefenderShield The Best

The Problem with Today’s Technology

So much information is at our fingertips with today’s mobile technologies. But along with this convenience comes potential dangers in the form of Electromagnetic Field (EMF) radiation.

Today, compact mobile electronic devices are often used directly against our bodies for most of the day and even during the night.

This puts us in direct contact with chronic levels of EMFs.

More and more scientific studies are showing that health risks exist from this type of radiation. While the energy levels emitting from our devices are low, having it so close to our body for such a long time can affect our cell health, resilience, and can eventually disrupt entire processes in our body.

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What is DefenderShield®?

Typical cell phone cases and lap desks or cooling trays do not shield you from EMFs. Pillows and throw blankets don’t help either. Our founder, Daniel DeBaun, a former telecom engineer, invented functional protection from these devices for his sons and his family, and for everyone who uses mobile technology. DefenderShield® uses a range of scientifically-tested shielding materials that can conduct, absorb, and dissipate up to 99% of EMF emissions from 0-90 GHz, including the entire 5G spectrum. No other mobile device shielding in the world blocks frequencies up to 90 GHz.

What Makes DefenderShield® The Best in the World

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World Leading Technology with Ultra Armor™ Shielding

Our products use the best shielding available on the market for many different product lines. We developed our Ultra Armor™ Shielding Technology to block up to 90 GHz, which encompasses all frequencies used in wireless communications and the full 5G spectrum. No other technology is capable of blocking more than 20-40 GHz.

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DefenderShield Icon Trusted Advisors

Your Trusted Advisors

Our company was the first to develop and sell EMF protection accessories for mobile devices that block the full spectrum of frequencies, and we made sure we did it right. Daniel and his son Ryan, co-founder of DefenderShield, wrote a book called Radiation Nation that breaks down for the layman what EMF radiation is, how it can affect us, and the best ways to protect yourself. Our entire customer support team is fully trained to offer the most accurate and up-to-date information on EMF radiation, as well as the best advice for EMF protection for you and your family.

Scientifically-Tested Shielding

Highly advanced, lab-tested technology merged with cutting-edge construction create modern solutions that deliver the ultimate protection. We offer superior, full EMF protection choices using the most advanced technology. You can have peace of mind knowing that our products have been tested for shielding efficacy.

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Medical and Scientific Board

We are the only EMF protection company with a Medical and Scientific Advisory Board, made up of functional neurologists, biochemists, chiropractors, sleep experts, and brain, eye and ear practitioners. Like us, these medical practitioners and biology researchers share a passion for educating the public on EMF health dangers, and they council us on the latest scientific laboratory findings and clinical observations that can relate to EMF exposure. We have learned it takes a tribe to intelligently help guide our customers to shielding solutions and to help address underlying symptoms of EMF exposure.

American Family Owned Company Established by a Former Telecom Engineer and Executive

We were founded by a father-and-son duo, Daniel DeBaun—a former telecom engineer who spent more than 30 years developing and learning about electronic devices—and his son Ryan, a proven innovator and creative developer. Based out of Tampa, Florida, Daniel invented our Signature Shielding technology himself in his basement, after months of rigorous testing of different combinations of materials and metals. As the founding company in the industry, we continue to improve our shielding and set the standards for EMF protection in a digital world.

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Quality Craftmanship

All DefenderShield® products are designed in the USA and developed using the highest quality materials to offer durable, highly effective shielding that lasts. Our team members leverage their direct technology expertise to constantly improve quality and durability. We are proud to offer unparalleled shielding, backed with a  one-year warranty and 30-day return policy.

The Bottom Line

DefenderShield® is the world leader in EMF shielding and protection. Our products guard against mobile device radiation that can have an effect on your body. You can have peace of mind knowing you are safe and shielded with DefenderShield® EMF solutions.

Stay Protected, While Connected with DefenderShield®.